Weed & Nuisance Information

As the weather gets warmer and everyone spends more time outdoors, remember that there are ordinances related to exterior property maintenance that need to be followed. Here are a few items to keep in mind:  

  • Mow the lawn regularly – try to keep it under the 8-inch height restriction for lots that have been built upon. Undeveloped lots need to be kept below 18-inches.
  • Weed and spray regularly to control weeds and keep them from spreading to other properties. The Minnesota Department of Agriculture maintains a list of noxious weeds that are prohibited. 
  • Keep household trash in a container designed for such use, ensuring that it doesn’t leak and that it is always covered. Have regular pickup service scheduled and only put containers by the street on designated pickup days. 
  • Personal property should be stored within a building so that it is not visible from adjoining properties and streets. Wood for a wood burning stove or recreational fires needs to be stacked in a neat pile. 
  • Don’t place unwanted items, such as furniture or appliances, on the right-of-way or in the yard. Garbage haulers need to be contacted to pick up these items and properly dispose of them.
  • Those intending to have a dumpster placed within City Right of Way (on the street) must obtain an Obstruction Permit through the Public Works Department. The fee for a two-week permit is $50. Please allow two business days for permit processing.