Rental Property

All apartments or rental properties must be registered, inspected, and licensed prior to anyone occupying the residence, pursuant to City of Owatonna code Chapter 115: Registration of Rental Units. This is a 2-year cycle in the City of Owatonna.

Rental Property Ordinances

In 2003, the City of Owatonna passed four ordinances regarding rental property in Owatonna. The goal of this program is to improve the rental property in Owatonna by working with landlords and tenants to effectively resolve problems in rental housing. 

A task force was created with representatives from the community to provide input for this program. This is a proactive inspection program which utilizes a Minimum Housing Code to reduce the number of problems in rental property. The program also includes a Crime Free Housing Program and a Disorderly Use Ordinance that will provide the tools necessary to reduce crime in rental property.

There is a penalty for failing to license a rental property.