Why does the city need a brand?

While the City has utilized several logos throughout its history, the City of Owatonna has not had a clearly defined brand. The Chamber and the City agreed to support a common brand identity that will align efforts across the community to build a unified brand that reflects Owatonna’s personality, history and bright future. The City, Owatonna Partners for Economic Development, the Owatonna Area Chamber of Commerce and Tourism and Main Street Owatonna now have similar branding. While these entities operate independently, they also serve a unified vision and purpose. A cohesive brand between these entities exemplifies to others that we reach higher together. Successfully implemented, the strategy resulting from the branding project will help build Owatonna’s reputation, strengthen partnerships and enhance the community’s and City’s recognition and visibility. The community-wide brand helps create a sense of "place" that Owatonna provides as a home, a workplace and a place to visit. The brand will reinforce a feeling of being welcomed and valued as part of our community.

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1. What is a branding strategy?
2. How is a brand different from a logo?
3. What was the process for developing a community-wide brand for Owatonna?
4. Why does the city need a brand?
5. What does the icon in the new logomark represent?
6. When will I start seeing the new brand?
7. Will the new brand replace the City’s seal and coat of arms?
8. Can my business or organization use the new brand?
9. How much did this cost and how was it paid for?