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Mineral Springs Park

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  1. Disc Golf Course
  2. Grass / Wood Chip Trails
  3. Handicap Accessible
  4. Horseshoe
  5. Paved Trails
  6. Picnic Grounds
  7. Playground
  8. Restroom
  9. Shelter

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Mineral Springs Park, the most well known of Owatonna parks, came into being both as a resort area and a business venture. About 1875 the Owatonna Mineral Springs Company was organized. This company secured the services of an expert chemist, Professor Eno Sanders, who analyzed the spring waters, and pronounced them very similar to those of the famed Vichy Springs in the Ardennes of France. The Mineral Spring water was served for many years in dining cars of the railroads.

Park Additions

On July 3, 1877, the City of Owatonna purchased a tract of land for the purchase price of $2,000, and on July 14, 1877, purchased another piece for $1,000. The final addition to the park came on October 24, 1935 when the city purchased, for $800, the rest of the property. Special features of the park include the Princess Owatonna statue which dates back to the early 1930s, with a restoration of the statue having taken place in 1986. Also of significance is the “car wash” which is a hard surfaced area in the stream bed of Maple Creek specifically constructed for the purpose of washing vehicles. The early 1970s saw the construction of water fall which was a gift from Reuben A. Kaplan, and the construction of the present restroom facility.

In 1993, Dr. Arnold Carver donated approximately 10 acres of land which abutted the north boundary of the park. This generous donation will assist in developing more of a trail corridor adjacent Maple Creek. The city invested $70,000 in 1998 to build a new playground and parking lot. Also, a segment of the Buxton Trail was completed.

Rental Fees

  • All day (9 a.m. to 9 p.m.): - $90 + tax
  • Deposit: $50


  1. River Rock Disc Golf Course

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