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1. Where is the Fire Hall located?
2. What are your business hours?
3. I’d like to be a firefighter. Are you currently hiring?
4. Am I allowed to have a fire pit in my yard and recreational fires?
5. I’ve noticed a property that has garbage and trash in the yard that needs to be picked up. How should I report this?
6. I’ve noticed a property that has long grass that needs to be mowed. How should I report this?
7. What are the minimum maintenance standards for properties within the City?
8. How do I register my rental property that is located within the city limits?
9. How do I renew the license for my rental property?
10. What type of public education activities do you perform? I’m interested in scheduling one, how do I do that?
11. What fire protection system permits do you issue, and how do I go about obtaining one?
12. How do I obtain a burning permit?
13. I need to apply for a retail fireworks permit. What is the procedure?
14. What area of Steele County does the Owatonna Fire Department provide fire coverage for?
15. Are your meeting rooms available for rental?