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Building Inspections

  1. Water Heater Installation

    Plumbing Permit for Water Heater Installation


  1. Fire Department Interest Form

    Complete this form to receive notifications when we are accepting applications for a firefighter position.

  2. Nuisance Ordinance Violation Complaint
  3. Rental Property License Application
  1. Fire Protection System Permit Application

    Complete this form when installing or altering fire alarm, sprinkler, other suppression, and hood systems within the City of Owatonna.

  2. Rental Property Inspection Request
  3. Weed / Grass Ordinance Violation Complaint


  1. Crime Tips
  2. Police Presentations
  1. Night to Unite Registration

    Registration form to register block party for Night to Unite.

Stormwater Management

  1. Citizen Input and Feedback

    The City of Owatonna appreciates any feedback, comments, or question regarding the MS4 Program, SWPPP, and Stormwater Management... More…

  1. Report an Illicit Discharge