Disconnect Roof Drains


In some areas of Owatonna, roof downspouts are connected directly to the storm sewer system. During rain events, stormwater hits the impervious roof surface, collects in the gutters, and is conveyed into the storm sewer system. The roof structures act like a "big funnel" and direct the stormwater into the storm pipes filling them to capacity.


Disconnecting the downspout re-directs the stormwater to your yard where it can soak into the soil rather than onto an impervious driveway or sidewalk. This "disconnects" or stops the flow of storm water from one impervious surface to another. This keeps runoff from the roof from entering into the street system where it would drain to the storm sewer system.


By directing the downspouts towards green areas the stormwater infiltrates back into the water table, reduces the velocity of the rain water, and allows for additional watering of lawns and gardens.

Rainspout Disconnect Diagram