Shade Tree Commission

The Shade Tree Commission Board members looks at problems with trees and determine what the needs are for the City of Owatonna in connection with its tree planting program. They also recommend the type and kind of trees to be planted on boulevards or in parks. They address questions, concerns on construction projects that boulevard trees may be involved in.


The City of Owatonna has been a member of the Tree City USA since the ordinances were written in 1991. Some of the City Tree Ordinances are:

  • Cost/Assessment
  • Hazardous Plantings on Private Property
  • Limitation of plant Growth and Location
  • List of Approved and Disapproved Trees
  • Permits for Planting Trees in Boulevards
  • Regulations for Planting Tree on Boulevards
  • Removal of Trees on Boulevards
  • Tree Trimming


To qualify for the Tree City USA Award you must meet the following participation requirements: There are four standards that a community must meet in order to achieve the Tree City USA designation. They include:

  • Establish a tree board or department
  • Write a Tree Care Ordinance
  • Commit at least $2 per capita annually to your community forestry program
  • Celebrate Arbor Day